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The online course is dead - discover how to create your own high-ticket PROGRAM instead...


Who Can Benefit?

Never before in history have Experts and Service Professionals with high value skills and knowledge had such an opportunity to share their ideas and make greater impact with their ideas, than in the era of the internet.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Productize

You've spent a lifetime acquiring valuable knowledge and expertise - but until you Productize it, you'll never realise your potential, because your capacity to deliver value on a one-to-one basis is obviously very limited.

At the same time, the internet has unleashed powerful trends that mean the value of pure information is declining every day. It's now almost impossible to command premium prices for a 'straight-up' online course. You have to go beyond pure information and the solution is to create a learning program based on my T.A.G.S.™ Formula.

Watch my free web class here to discover how to productize your knowledge the right way.

Step 2: Digitize

Having designed a scalable program using the T.A.G.S.™ Formula, the next step is to deliver your value online.

We always begin this process by piloting your program, which avoids the common pitfall of wasting days, weeks and even months creating a product no-one wants to buy, and virtually guarantees you a successful program.

Watch my free web class now to learn more about digitization and the piloting process.

Step 3: Monetize

The reality is that most online courses sell in negligible quantities. The answer for consistent sales is to tap into 'Platform Opportunities', with a proven process.

Watch my free web class now to discover how.

Who is Rob Tyson?

My goal is to help experts such as trainers, consultants, business authors and speakers fulfil the commercial potential in their ideas.

I can help you Productize, Digitize and Monetize your knowledge, so you reach more people and make more impact.

There has never been more opportunity to do this than in the internet age. New technology has levelled the playing field and made it possible for your ideas to reach a global audience more easily than ever... but at the same time, that levelling of the playing field means you better be able to package your offering into compelling formats and messages, because competition is fierce!

I've worked in media and online publishing since 2002. After a spell at regional newspaper group Johnston Press, I joined a three-person front room internet start-up in Shoreditch, London. Five years later, that small business hit £5m in annual revenue, communicated with 100,000+ people every week via our opt-in email newsletters, employed over 100 people and was listed on the London stock market.

All my own work? Absolutely not! But it did teach me one hell of a lesson about the value of a 'platform' and the power of membership websites, online information products and programs, which powered that business and were really in their infancy back in 2004.

I've owned or managed more than a dozen premium subscription services catering to as many as 4,500 paying members. Agora, a $500m info publishing business, commissioned me to create an online course for them, and I've created hundreds of hours of premium online training content in the last 5 years.

Brand Republic ranks me in the Top 20 UK Marketing and Advertising Influencers On Social Media. I’m a Microsoft Accredited Advertising Professional, a Sage Business Expert in Marketing and a judge at the Website of the Year Awards.

I present live content to business owners every week, co-hosted over 100 episodes of the Click & Convert Podcast, and have spoken at venues including Google Campus and Twickenham Stadium.

I'm also a doubly-qualified professional trainer with certification from the Institute of Leadership & Management and the NCFE.

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