"Who is Rob Tyson and what do other people say about him?"

"Welcome and thank you for your interest.

I started my 13 year career immersed in online marketing as part of a three-person front room internet start-up in Shoreditch, London. 5 years later, that small business hit £5m in annual revenue and was listed on the London stock market.

That was by no means all my own work but it did teach me one hell of a lesson about the value of a 'platform' and the power of membership websites, online information products and programs, which powered that business and were really in their infancy back in 2004.

Brand Republic ranks me in the Top 20 UK Marketing and Advertising Influencers On Social Media, I’m a Microsoft Accredited Advertising Professional, a Sage Business Expert in Marketing and have been invited to judge the Website of the Year Awards, and speak at venues including Google Campus and Twickenham Stadium.

Read on below to see what other people say about me..." - Rob

Vince Stevenson Vince Stevenson, College of Public Speaking

"The growth has been exponential…"

"In 2013 the business was ticking over ok but we'd been badly burnt by a Google algorithm change the previous year. We had put all our eggs in one basket and were exposed.

I was trying desperately to keep an eye on the technological horizon, but that in itself is a full time job and I was busy training most days. That's when we got Rob Tyson on board.

We attended one of his seminars and everything we wanted fell into place soon after. Rob is an expert in digital marketing and growing businesses. We were impressed with his work as a copywriter, Google, Bing and Facebook campaigns. After a few meetings and visits from Rob to my classes so that he fully understood me and my business style, the growth has been exponential.

The business has taken off and we're really flying now. If I have made one inspired decision in my business these last ten years, it would be hiring Rob Tyson to develop our digital marketing."

Catherine Lamond Catherine Lamond, Nethouseprices

"We've actually picked up in excess of 3,000 new subscribers per day on occasion, thanks to Rob..."

"We'd tried various ways to grow our email list before we engaged Rob, but felt like we'd hit a bit of a plateau, where our audience was churning but was otherwise pretty static.

When Rob introduced his methods we added about 35,000 subscribers in a few months, and counting.

We've actually picked up in excess of 3,000 new subscribers per day on occasion.

And this was 99% just from making better use of our existing traffic, by improving conversion rates, not ad spend."

Tom Poland Tom Poland, Best selling author of "Leadsology®: The Science of Being In Demand"​

"Good teachers will teach you what they’ve been taught. Great teachers will teach you what they’ve OBSERVED, and that’s how I think of Rob.

Rob isn’t just someone who reads peoples’ books and regurgitates stuff.

He’s someone who is out there in the marketplace and he’s a thinker… he tests stuff… and he’s the real deal. He’s genuine."

Brian Dennehy Brian Dennehy, Dennehy Weller & Co

"Rob’s input and value-add is superb.

His CV is clearly good, his generic material consistently impresses.

But his hands-on work takes that to a new level."

Rob Cullum Rob Cullum, Trendwatch Asset Management

"I’ve always hated marketing because most marketing methods I’ve tried have cost quite a lot of money and finished up with a negative rate of return.

No doubt this is due to my almost perfect ignorance on the subject. For the first time, thanks to you, I’m beginning to see through the fog of my ignorance.

Please keep up the terrific work! It’s sorely needed."

Andrew Hall Andrew Hall, Safeguarding in Schools

"Dear Rob

Just a quick note to say a massive thank you. On Tuesday I took £4,000 in bookings in FOUR hours. I was stunned. My wife's reeling.

The reason: I came on your seminar. I listened and took action. (I've also tripled the number on my email list.)

I also sold a handbook for £127 - which I used to give away!

So thank you, thank you, thank you!!!"

Stephen Fenn, Fenn Utilities

"A master of internet marketing…"

"Rob Tyson is master of internet marketing – and his training opens up all the secrets of this hidden world!

Highly recommend to any business owner needing to attract more customers, increase sales and boost profits."

Noel Guilford BA FCA, Guilford Accounting

"We have been able to implement straightaway…"

"There is a lot of training available about online marketing but what sets Rob apart is that he understands where the small business owner is starting from and explains the subject in easy to understand terms, demystifying a lot of the hype and jargon.

For busy business owners this is invaluable.

We have been able to implement what Rob teaches straightaway which makes for great value for money."